AI is the trend but the human touch is still behind the screen

AI is the talk of the world lately; everyone is fascinated by it – everyone is trying it and everyone is stating that it will replace a high amount of jobs in a variety of industries from Tech Industries, Media & Marketing, Legal Industries, Teachers and Market and Finance (just to name a few). AI is a fascinating and amazing program that does reduce the time for creating items and answering questions. AI will also have positive and negative effects on all areas as it will increase efficiencies but may reduce our own creativity. 

For the legal industry, AI has created drafts of various documents and also has passed the bar and even answered legal questions. Many speculate that it will replace paralegals, legal assistants and other legal team individuals- But you have to remember that your clients are human – your clients are picking out the lawyers and law firms that they connect with – You still need that connection to your team member to work together to support the needs for your clients – the individuals on your team play an important role to your success and your client’s success. The key to the utilization of AI is to adapt to it and use it as a tool for the success of your practice. The use of AI as a tool will increase the productivity of paralegals, legal assistants and other legal team individuals and create efficiencies in organizing and proofing data – then the legal professionals apply their experienced human judgment to customize, adapt and understand the data to what is need by their employer and or their respective clients. 

AI is not going to go anywhere and it will evolve but keeping in mind that it is a tool and adapting it for your specific needs and combining that with the connection to the right team of professionals can contribute to the success of a business.  

At Paralegals on Demand, we are a unique temporary staffing company and our services are adapted to your every need. We are virtual but we are humans behind the screens. Our team of experienced corporate paralegals can assist with a variety of tasks, including incorporations or organization of companies, mergers and acquisitions, corporate record book reviews, and project management. So, whether you need help with urgent files, vacation or leave relief, specific projects, or coverage while hiring, we have your back when you need.

We utilize and adapt technology to your needs and we are experienced professionals that you can connect and call upon on demand and when the need arises. Connect with us to discuss how our services can complement your practice!

(PS – This Blog was not generated by an AI program – this was generated from the light bulb in a human brain – but grammar / spelling was checked by an AI program / Word 😊) 

AI vs. Human