Vacation season is starting! Taking a vacation and disconnecting is essential for you and your legal team – it recharges your mind and refreshes your productivity and helps you refocus. It has always been a key part of work life balance for every team member in your practice. Vacations are essential for all levels of […]

AI is the talk of the world lately; everyone is fascinated by it – everyone is trying it and everyone is stating that it will replace a high amount of jobs in a variety of industries from Tech Industries, Media & Marketing, Legal Industries, Teachers and Market and Finance (just to name a few). AI […]

Positive Impact – Having an extra set of hands to support the team is always beneficial to the end goal.  Hiring a temporary person from time to time gives a positive impact on the existing team and may reduce the chances of burnout, excessive overtime, and loss of work-life balance. It can be sensitive in dealing […]