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At Paralegals on Demand, our dedicated team of professionals is here to provide you and your law firm with top-notch professional administrative corporate services. Wherever you are in British Columbia, when you’re searching for reliable “paralegal services near me,” you can count on us. Get to know the faces behind the expertise. Meet the individuals who are dedicated to delivering personalized and effective solutions for your needs.

Katherina Doerksen

Katherina Doerksen

Founder and Senior Paralegal

Katherina is an experienced and versatile paralegal with over 20 years of experience. She is highly skilled in all aspects of corporate law, including corporate maintenance, legal entity management, corporate restructurings, asset and share transactions, mergers and acquisitions, wind-ups, and dissolutions. Katherina’s skills don’t stop there as she is also proficient in various software programs, including Appara, Clio, ALF Corporate, PCLaw, iManage, Aderant, Closing Folders, TitanFile, Microsoft Office, and Adobe.

Katherina has experience in corporate database restructuring and implementing new corporate processes to promote efficiencies. She has demonstrated strong project management skills throughout her career and has a deep understanding of the legal processes involved in managing projects.

Both articulate and confident, Katherina is well-suited for client engagement and interactions. She is a methodical and reliable paralegal who will complete the job with professionalism at every step. Katherina’s experience and insights have brought Paralegals on Demand the tools to effectively meet the needs of a law firm and its clients, every time.

david bond

David Bond

Vice President

Known for his tireless work ethic and strategic thinking skills, David is widely regarded by his clients and business partners as an invaluable asset. After cutting his teeth at some of the top ad agencies in Canada and having occupied several executive positions, David launched his consulting firm and helped countless clients across Canada and the US to achieve growth and success. His firm is particularly well-known for its success in providing creative solutions to sales and marketing challenges, and runs a popular program in partnership with iconic builder Mike Holmes.

His role at Paralegals on Demand is to guide the company’s growth and support clients in finding the right solutions for their needs. As the company grows, David will be in charge of establishing and developing new markets in other provinces.

Associate Director & Senior Paralegal​

Junica Marcilla

Associate Director & Senior Paralegal

Junica is a dynamic paralegal with unwavering commitment to excellence and proficiency. With over a decade of dedicated service working in a law firm setting, she has amassed a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of corporate and securities transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, compliance, corporate governance and securities offerings.

Equipped with a keen eye for detail and proactive approach, Junica excels in conducting, reviewing and summarizing due diligence searches and assisting in the preparation, drafting and filing of transaction and regulatory documents.

Her communication skills and ability to manage transactions while navigating regulatory requirements are key to ensuring that each project is executed efficiently.

Driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to professional growth, Junica stays well versed in the developments of corporate and securities law, ensuring that her knowledge and skills remain current and relevant in our ever-evolving legal landscape. Junica’s proven track record for delivery outstanding results and dedication to providing unparalleled client service serve as invaluable assets to Paralegals on Demand and the businesses it assists.

Corporate Paralegal

Hailey Norman

Corporate Paralegal

After completing her rigorous education, Hailey Norman quickly made her mark at two of Vancouver’s respected law firms, where her structured approach and unmatched attention to detail set her apart. Her skills, refined in both British Columbia and Ontario, are a testament to her vast knowledge. With a BA in Legal Studies from Ontario Tech University and a Paralegal Diploma from Durham College, Hailey adds depth and vigor to our vibrant team. Under the guidance of our owner, Katherina, she is on a path of continual growth, with aspirations to become a cornerstone of our establishment. Though reserved in demeanor, there’s no doubt that Hailey is rapidly shaping up to be an essential element at Paralegals on Demand.

Office Manager

Paule Debonville

Office Manager

Introducing Paule DeBonville, the heart and soul behind our operations at Paralegals on Demand. With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Paule capped her journey with a standout 15-year role as an executive assistant in many areas but mainly in legal affairs and compliance in the pharmaceutical industry. But instead of embracing retirement, Paule’s unwavering passion and keen eye for potential led her to join forces with Paralegals on Demand, a budding startup she saw tremendous promise in. Her vast experience in administrative support and her caring, meticulous nature ensures our firm thrives efficiently every day. Always one step ahead and radiating positivity, Paule makes the daily grind feel a little lighter for all of us. Beyond her unmatched expertise, it’s her warm presence and steadfast dedication that truly elevate Paralegals on Demand. With Paule on board, the future looks bright, and our days are certainly more joyful!

Director of Paw-sitive Relations


Director of Paw-sitive Relations

At Paralegals on Demand, where the stakes are high and serious, Bailey brings a much-needed lightness to the daily grind. As our esteemed Director of Paw-sitive Relations, Bailey is tasked with upholding morale, smoothing ruffled feathers, and ensuring smiles are plentiful around the office. With an unmatched talent for reading the room, Bailey knows exactly when to offer a comforting nuzzle to a stressed paralegal or a joyful high-five to celebrate the closing of a complex transaction.

Bailey brings to our team not just for his charming demeanor, but also for his keen sense of loyalty and duty—traits every top-notch paralegal firm values. Whether greeting visitors with a friendly sniff or accompanying team members on brief coffee strolls, Bailey’s contributions go beyond mere companionship; he embodies the spirit of teamwork and unwavering support that Paralegals on Demand prides itself on.

When he’s not on duty, Bailey enjoys lounging in sunny spots around the office and chasing his favorite chew toy. His presence at Paralegals on Demand not only enhances our work environment but also reminds us of the importance of balance and joy in our daily tasks. Trust Bailey to paw-sitively influence everyone he meets, making our firm not just a place to work, but a place to thrive.